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SQL Monitor database in Azure

Does anyone have any experience running the SQL Monitor database in Azure?
Preferably on an Managed Instance.

I'm wondering if latency would be an issue, I'm not planning on moving the server to the cloud yet.
We have an 200Mbit/s express route, that is shared with other services.

We currently monitor 22 On Premises servers and a few Azure SQL Databases.

Marius E


  • Hi @MariusE

    Thank you for reaching out over the Redgate forums regarding this question about SQL Monitor & Azure monitoring.

    It is hard to be definite in guidance or recommendation as there are a number of factors that would be outside of our control that could impact performance. 

    At an initial appraisal, it sounds like it would be a suitable bandwidth for the deployment size but would look to get some more insight from you regarding your estate environment.

    Are you able to advise the size/frequency of large queries that would be running on the estate and the times of day that scheduled queries may be running? 

    It would be useful to compare them to the amount of bandwidth that would be utilised with other services when they are running - if there is overlap then it could lead to latency concerns.

    It is also worth noting that we don't specifically indicate Azure MI as supported for hosting the repository; it should work akin to Azure SQL database but would be worth your further investigation as a POC before migrating an existing solution.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
  • Hi Jon,
    Do you have a quick and simple way of collecting the statistics you need?
    Our estate is used 24/7, but the major load happens during working hours 06:00 - 17:00, but also quite a lot from 22:00 to 07:00 (when our data warehouse is beeing loaded).

    I have included some numbers.

    Marius E
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