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Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise - ReadyRoll (old version licensed with VS) prompting for login

I have a valid license for Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise. This version came with an older version of ReadyRoll and SQL Prompt Core. I understand that newer versions of these products required a Redgate license however, the old versions are licensed with Visual Studio. I accidentally left SQL Prompt Core set to "Automatically Update" and it did and then it went through the 28 day trial and then prompted me to buy. I have "Reverted" it back to the version I'm licensed to use, but both products now will not work and prompt for a login. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the extensions via modifying features and via the "Tools and Extensions" section.

I have paid for these products but am now being prevented from using them.

Please help me remove whatever was put in place on my PC after the 28 days ellapsed.



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