How to automate data integrity check & Repair.

faisfais Posts: 21
Hi Experts,

We have replication(Transactional)setup between our production servers & Reporting servers. Sometime, subscriber become out of sycn with publisher.

Our publcations are quite big ( Close to Terra bytes). So its a trouble some process to re-sync them.

Can the experts give me some idea ( code ) about "Automating a Job to monitor/fix the data integrity between publisher & subscriber"

If they are out of sync ---> Job should be able to synchronize the subscriber by itself without human intervention.

If subscriber and publisher are in sync -- > No operation.

Please respond with your help.



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    You can use SQL Data Compare professional to connect to and compare data in two replicated databases, and optionally synchronize them automatically. I believe that this works alright with transactional replication, although due to the size of these databases, you may not want to run SQL Data Compare too often because comparing terrabytes of data could be a time-consuming operation.
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