MFA Active Directory Authentication Error

I'm trying to connect to a SQL Managed Instance using the new 'Active Directory universal with MFA Authentication' authentication type, but running into an error. 

The security team on my end followed the instructions from Using Azure Interactive Authentication - SQL Compare 14 - Product Documentation (red-gate.com) to give me an Application ID to put in.  They noted that there wasn't an option for Azure SQL Managed Instance under the 'APIs my organization uses' area in the page, so they used the Azure SQL Database one just in case. 

When we tried to connect using that application ID, SQL Compare threw the following error:

Active Directory authentication error: AADSTS7000218: the request body must contain the following parameter: 'client_assertion' or 'client_secret'.

(side note - it would be really helpful if I could copy/paste out of that error message window). 

So ... was that error message something happening in SQL Compare (I'm running version, or is there a different setup we have to use to connect to a SQL Managed Instance? 


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