SQL Search gives no results

I can't get SQL Search to work. I have un-installed, re-installed, downloaded the latest version ( and it won't work either.  I'm using SSMS v18.9.1, SQL Server Standard (64bit), SQL version 14.0.2037.1, and Windows Server 2019 Std.(10.0).  The database I am searching is 277,904.38 MB.

I enter text in the search field and it will index for a while and finally return no results.  Can someone help me get this app to work?




  • Don_AdamsDon_Adams Posts: 3 New member
    I also get this in the logs:
    2021-11-24 09:06:11.924 -05:00 [Error]  [DatabaseObjectIndexer]: Exception while indexing database CSI_EGR:
  • Hi Don,

    What type of objects are you searching for? Does it return 0 results no matter what you try to search?

    Do you have any other tools installed into SSMS? If so please update them to the latest versions.
  • Don_AdamsDon_Adams Posts: 3 New member
    I get 0 results for all objects.  I can search other databases individually, but as noted in my second post, the indexing fails for that database and I assume that is the problem.  It just does not tell me what the exception is.  SQL Prompt is the only other tool in SSMS.
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