SCA Build error

Hi there,

I am trying to include SCA build in my Azure DevOps release pipeline and I am following the instructions on this web page: Use the Azure DevOps Build extension with SQL Change Automation Project - SQL Change Automation 4 - Product Documentation ( but I am getting an error:

2021-11-15T22:19:43.1433311Z ##[section]Starting: Build scopes-qa
2021-11-15T22:19:43.1771112Z ==============================================================================
2021-11-15T22:19:43.1771617Z Task         : Redgate SQL Change Automation: Build
2021-11-15T22:19:43.1771971Z Description  : Build and test databases with Redgate SQL Change Automation
2021-11-15T22:19:43.1772166Z Version      : 4.0.8
2021-11-15T22:19:43.1772439Z Author       : Redgate Software
2021-11-15T22:19:43.1772857Z Help         : [More Information](
2021-11-15T22:19:43.1773107Z ==============================================================================
2021-11-15T22:19:44.6099789Z ##[error]You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.
2021-11-15T22:19:44.6277297Z ##[section]Finishing: Build scopes-qa

This is the YAML file generated:

steps: - task: redgatesoftware.redgateDlmAutomat[email protected]4 displayName: 'Build scopes-qa' inputs: operation: Build subFolderPath: database packageName: 'scopes-qa' buildAdvanced: true

Please advise.

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