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Row internal rule on a primary key

If I have a primary key (for example email), would I be able to mask that primary key with a row internal rule? The "emails" data sets do not conform to our format of (firstname.lastname) so I want to create a row internal rule that would mask the emails using (firstname + '.' + lastname + '@test.com')


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    Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,789 Rose Gold 5
    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    I suspect that the best place to start will be the help documentation, which for the Row internal rule is here.

    The help documentation provides an example on the use of this rule.
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    @VmWare you should be able to convert a Row-Internal Rule to a Sync Manager rule which should allow you to mask the Primary Key value - just be aware you will likely need to ensure whatever is being masked in as the replacement values clause is almost guaranteed unique so that when the Sync manager tries to restore the constraint it doesn't violate the unique restriction.
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