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Can I install SQL Monitor without using a webserver?

if management approves getting SQL Monitor for monitoring, I will, of course have to perform the installation. I have worked with SQL Monitor before (older version, I think it was 7.x), and I can't remember the setup used. So the question is: is it necessary to use a webserver or is there also non-web access ('ordinary GUI')?


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    After looking a bit more into the docs, it seems that a web server is necessary. I will take that into account when I choose whether to use an existing server or a new server.
    If I overlooked something, please feel free to respond and correct me.
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    Hi @RET_Rotterdam, Thank you for your post. The Web server is necessary and there is no non-web interface for SQL Monitor. The web server doesn't require an internet connection as the licenses can still be activated offline. You would only need a browser, preferably not IE.   
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