How to remove agents / clone images from a server that was decommissioned

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edited November 1, 2021 5:53PM in SQL Clone
Hi, we have a server that was decommissioned.  The Agent was not removed from SQL Clone before the decom.  As such, we have some areas where the server & images show up, but can't be removed through the powershell command line.

I received these errors:
Remove-SqlCloneImage : Agent on '<SERVER>' is not connected. Reconnect this agent and try again.
Remove-SqlCloneMachine : Cannot delete agent on <SERVER> because there are still images created by this agent

Does anyone have the proper way to remove sql clone images / agents that are no longer available to connect to? 

To remove the sqlclone image: Remove-SqlCloneImage -Image $ImageToDelete -soft
To remove the sqlclone machine: Remove-SqlCloneMachine -Machine $AgentToDelete -force


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