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AD universal with MFA authentication error

Hi everyone,

We recently got our SQL Compare tool up and running with our Azure SQL DBs using AD with MFA, after having obtained an Application ID that allows it to connect to Azure.  When I try to use SQL Data Compare, the same Application ID was prepopulated, but it throws an error when I try get a listing of the DBs:

Is it expected to use the same Application ID as SQL Compare, or do I need to register for a second?  And would a new one added in Data Compare overwrite what SQL Compare is using when I use that?




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    Hi @JoePassmore

    I believe we're discussing this issue on a support ticket already!

    For the benefit of anyone else reading this post, essentially the application ID is shared between the two applications and that should suffice, as well as making sure you're running the latest version of SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare. 

    In this case, there was a recent fix for SQL Data Compare to fix the invalid key.

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards

    Dan Calver | Redgate Software
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