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SQL Monitor Powershell

I am trying to define a template that can be run via powershell as a default. i.e. We run a powershell script, pass in an Azure SQL Database name, and it adds it to the SQL Monitor if it doesn't exist, and adds all of the default alerts we want to have on all of our Azure SQL Databases. I see no way of doing that with the current modules provided. 


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    Hi John,

    Thanks for reaching out through the Redgate forum.

    I understand you have been speaking with our team regarding a few different features of SQL Monitor and using Powershell commands.

    Sharing some details of the Powershell cmdlet functionality within SQL Monitor for yourself & other forum users.

    The SQL Monitor PowerShell API allows you to write PowerShell scripts to configure what SQL Monitor should monitor, and its alert system, for example disabling the disk space alert for a collection of disks.

    It can be accessed through SQL Monitor Dashboard via the top-menu: Configuration > API > Download PowerShell Module / View example PowerShell scripts

    Some sample scripts are provided to highlight key functionality and get started with cmdlets, they are broken into different usage sections for quick referencing. 

    ​​Helpful links from our documentation site:

    SQL Monitor - API

    SQL Monitor - PowerShell Cmdlets

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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