SQL Source Control 7 with Perforce: 'Command Line Hook Failed' error message when committing

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edited October 6, 2021 3:46PM in SQL Source Control
SQL Source Control 7 (yes I reinstalled), SQL Server SSMS v18.9.2

When I try to Commit code it goes through all the steps successfully until 'Sending files to Source Control Server' where it displays the error messages 'Cannot find a Swarm review associated with this Change'.  

Before this happened when it completed successfully it would result in an email with a link to a newly-created Swarm review.   When I click on the 'See error' link all it says is 'Command line hook failed.  No idea what that means. 



  • Hi @JimHorn_GD

    Typically, if the error happens at "sending files to source control server", it's usually a repository server issue and not necessarily SQL Source Control.

    Are you able to commit manually outside of SQL Source Control, or does the same error come up?
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