feedback banner blocks the commit/merge functionality from working

your feedback banner blocks key functionality as I am unable to close or remove it.

The message -
'd love to know what you think about source control (this is exactly how the message displays on the screen) I cannot close or remove this banner from the top of the Get Latest Screen in sql source control

How can I remove this, I tried unlinking, updating to the latest versions, restarting the PC nothing seems to work.


  • Hi @dbyron,

    Thanks for letting  us know. I haven't seen this issue personally but am sorry to hear it's happened to you. 

    The survey has finished up, and a release to remove the survey has gone out to the SQL Source Control "Frequent Updates" channel.  If you enable frequent updates, I think you will be able to upgrade to a version where the banner goes away.

    If you're already on frequent updates or the banner blocks you from updating, please let us know.

    Product Manager at Redgate
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