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Oracle 19c Database connections issue with Data Compare for Oracle

I ran into a problem with Data Compare for Oracle after our database client is upgraded to Oracle 19c from Oracle 12c.  I figured out a solution for this problem and would like to share here. 

If you recently upgraded your Oracle databases client to 19c, and before the upgrade, you used SQL Developer as the editor for your Data Compare for Oracle, and you use TNSConnection to connect to your databases, you may run into a problems losing all your databases connections with Data Compare for Oracle. The reason is that starting from Oracle database 19c, SQL Developer is not available in Oracle database anymore. You would need to use SQLPlus instead as your editor if you don't have SQL Developer installed as a standalone tool. To fix the problem:

1. Go to Data Compare for Oralce ->Tools->Application Options->Editor->Custom program->Executable, set it to be where your SQLPLus.exe is located, e.g. D:\Oracle\product\\client\bin\sqlplus.exe. 

2. Create a TNS_ADMIN system variable and set it to be where your TNSNames.ora file is located, e.g. D:\Oracle\product\\client\network\admin

Hope this would help someone who ran into the same problem as I did. 
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