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Redgate sql compare

AsurabhiAsurabhi Posts: 1 New member
edited September 27, 2021 7:17AM in SQL Compare
Hello, I am a new red gate user and while playing around with SQL data compare I have come across something for which i would need some help. I am trying to Data Compare Table A with Table B but my use case is to ignore some columns from Table A as they are not mapped to Table B. I can un map the columns going to each Table but there are 400 tables and i want to un map the same columns in each table. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks!!


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    Thank you for posting on our community forums,
    I understand your request is to de-select specific columns from a bulk amount of columns within various tables so they are not compared between databases. 

    Whilst there isn't a bulk way within SQL Compare that can assist with this, it may be possible to edit the project file directly.

    This would take slightly longer than manually un-selecting columns/tables in the program directly but would be potentially helpful if you are planning to re-use the project file multiple times.

    When you create a project in SQL Compare you can save it as a .SDC file. 
    This file can be edited in a text editor and has an XML-format layout.

    Within the TableActions node, it is possible to add commands to de-select columns. 
    You would need to enter in each TableName & ColumnName record, save the file and then open the project in SQL Compare.

    As an example below, I have Deselected Columns 'DBVersion' from tableA & 'DatabaseLogID' from tableB:
    <TableActions type="ArrayList" version="1">
      <value version="1" type="SelectTableEvent">
      <value version="1" type="SelectTableEvent">

    This is a workaround and may require some testing in your environment to see if it can work for you.
    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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