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Do you guys perhaps have an idea on how to handle the Auto highlight objects color in SSMS

Hi Everyone,
I hope this question makes sense. I love using a darker color scheme, but I do enjoy having my main Identifiers color as Silver, but the SQL Prompt highlighting the objects and where it is used, then becomes a bit difficult to read as it looks like the attached image I have added.
I did play around with my font color in SSMS and got that a bit better. I have also attached an image for the after.
But is there a way I can control the color of the highlighted text and also how do I switch this functionality off for SQL Prompt, highlighting the Object I am focused on in my SQL Query?
Thank you RedGate for this awesome feature, I would just like to customize it a bit more cosmetic wise. 

SSMS Identifier color as Silver

SSMS Identifier color as Teal

Or is this the best way to handle this, by changing the color in SSMS?

Thanks again everyone.


  • Tom_CTom_C Posts: 4 New member
    edited September 24, 2021 8:25AM

    Hi Willem,

    Believe the best place to amend this highlight colour is through the Management Studio functionality.

    Tools > Options > Environment > Fonts and Colors

    Under Display items select "Brace Matching (Rectangle)" and change the item background.


    I can't find a way to "switch" it off but setting this colour the same as your general query background should then remove it's visibility.

    Hope this all makes sense, please let us know if not.

    Kind regards

    Tom Claringbold | Redgate Software
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