VS 2019 Extension Generate PDBs: "Could not locate data entry for PDB debug data"

When I try to debug an issue with a 3rdparty assembly and try to generate PDBs for this assembly, I always receive the following Exception:

System.InvalidOperationException: Could not locate data entry for PDB debug data
   at RedGate.Reflector.Debugger.Engine.PdbFile.Pe32.get_Signature()
   at RedGate.Reflector.Debugger.Engine.Reflector.Debug..ctor(String peFilename, Uri sourcePath, IReflectorSession session, Language language, LanguageVersion languageVersion, Boolean usePreviewEngine, Boolean mustHavePdbSignature)
   at RedGate.Reflector.VsPackage.Engine.Engine.DoGenerationOfSourceAndPossiblyPdb(String assemblyFile, String targetPdb, IReflectorSession reflectorSession, Language reflectorLanguage, LanguageVersion languageVersion, Boolean usePreviewEngine, EventHandler`1 progressUpdated, CancelTest cancelTest, Action`1 finishAction, PdbRequirement producePdb, ITypeDeclaration typeDecl, String originalAssemblyFile)
   at RedGate.Reflector.VsPackage.Engine.Engine.GenerateTheCodeAndPossiblyThePdb(AssemblyReference peFile, IDictionary`2 reverseRegenerateMap, IReflectorSession reflectorSession, FrameworkLanguageSelection selection, CancellationFlag cancellationFlag, EventHandler`1 progressUpdated, PdbRequirement fullPdb)
   at RedGate.Reflector.VsPackage.Gui.DecompilationProgresser.DecompileOne(AssemblyReference assemblyLocal, FrameworkLanguageSelection selection)

I just updated to .Net Reflector but the problem persists.

Another check for updates offers 11.1 but the installer tells me that the version is already installed and the release notes https://documentation.red-gate.com/display/REF11/.NET+Reflector+11.1+release+notes  reports an 404 not found error.

BTW: The overall experience of the web related informations about release 11 is pretty bad and frustrating.

I tried to download reflector through ReflectorInstaller.exe and DotNETDeveloperBundle.exe and both only offer 10.3. 

The page https://www.red-gate.com/products/dotnet-development/reflector/documentation has only a link to Version 10 - I had to change the link from https://documentation.red-gate.com/ref10 to https://documentation.red-gate.com/ref11 to see version 11.

On the page https://documentation.red-gate.com/ref10/release-notes-and-other-versions there is a link "These pages cover .Net Reflector 10, which is not the latest version. Help for other versions is also available." but links to the same page - again I had to change the url from ref10 to ref11 to see the changes in Reflector 11, while it still lists all previous releases (https://documentation.red-gate.com/ref11/release-notes-and-other-versions)


It almost seems you want to hide version 11 - on the other hand it's impossible to use the vs2019 addon for version 10 because even when I extract the vsix from the installer and install it, it immediately upgrades to version 11, so I had to by a new license, and now it still does not work :-:angry:
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