MySQL Data Compare won't compare some of the columns.

blurfootblurfoot Posts: 1 New member
edited September 10, 2021 11:28PM in MySQL Data Compare
I have been using MySQL "Schema" compare and Data Compare for several years.
Whenver we add a new column, MySQL "Schema" compare syncs up the schema and Data Compare syncs up the data. 

But just recently using ver, two tables that I had added new columns to old tables synced properly with the Schema but the Data Compare would not compare that column.

In Data Compare, when looking at the table to sync, on the right there is "columns to compare" and it would say 6 of 8 colums.

When I click on it for more info, it show sa <!> icon and message that says "Could not map this column".

Schema is exactly the same but MySQL Data compare is not able to compare data for that new column.

How do I resolve this?
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