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SQL Monitor: Can a alert and notification be fired via Add-SqlMonitorAnnotation?

SQL Monitor

I'm stoked to find Add-SqlMonitorAnnotation in the EdgateSQM powershell module.  I have a PoC script that creates an Error annotation up and running.  However, nobody will get notified when this annotation is created. Is there a way to configure an alert and notification for annotations? My initial search came up empty.

Thank you!


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  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,118 Diamond 4
    Hi @PeterDanielsCRB,

    The point of the annotations is to put an icon/entry into the Server Overview top graph when an action occurs (for example when a release is done) so that you can correlate any behaviour changes with that point in time.  It wasn't designed to trigger alerts, but to add context to the Server Overview graph.

    There isn't really a way I can think of to get get an alert (or a useful alert anyway) sent when this happens - my only thought being you could have a custom metric per entity that is querying the alert.annotations table in the SQL Monitor repository for entries related to that entity (using rate of change >0 probably) so that you would be notified that there was an annotation related to that entity, but there wouldn't be any information on what that annotation was, only that one was added.

    It looks like you have already raised this feature request which was going to be my other suggestion.

    I hope that helps clarify the intent and why it behaves as it does.

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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  • Thanks for the response, @Alex B. I do like the idea of "hacking" the alert/custom metric system by using the alert.annotations table, but it does feel a little kludgy.  It would be cool if we could define more "event"-based alerts rather than just metric-based. I realize there is a bot of a fuzzy line between them. :)  Thanks again for all your help!


    Ps This is driven by some efforts into monitoring and alerting on our power bi and AAS dataset refresh processes (and other bits), which may really just be outside of SQL Monitor's scope. It would be nice, though. :)
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