Just wondering.. why are some exceptions in the log preceded with "You are ..."

LouisSomersLouisSomers Posts: 23 Bronze 2
edited August 5, 2021 3:58PM in SQL Compare
I guess it's English humor?

A few examples:
You are ...
  at RedGate.SQLToolsCommandLine.CommandProcessor.FatalExceptionHelper(String message, Exception ex)
  at RedGate.SQLToolsCommandLine.CommandProcessor.RunComparison()
  at RedGate.SQLToolsCommandLine.CommandProcessor.Run()
You are ...
  at RedGate.SQLCompare.Common.CompareEngineExecutor`1.RunDeploymentScript(IDataSource props)
  at RedGate.Legacy.ProgressTasks.SimpleProgressTaskExecutor.DoTasks()
Both were caused by:
BACKUP DATABASE permission denied in database 'DbName'.

Easily fixed, but the words "You are ..." did make me chuckle, naughty developers... or, ah... no I guess it's Operations who now have access to the sourcecode since the DevOps revolution?
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