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Sql Compare 7 not in list

tshadtshad Posts: 15 Bronze 2
edited April 20, 2009 12:24PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I can't seem to find Sql Compare in your list.

I am having a problem all of a sudden with all of my Sql Server 2008 databases. They worked fine before.

I am getting an error:

SQL Compare Aborting

Registering databases
database-reading object text

Index was outside the bounds of the array.

I can't compare any of my 2008 databases now.

2005 databases work fine.

What is the problem?




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    tshadtshad Posts: 15 Bronze 2
    Also, I did try to delete all the projects and recreate them but that didn't seem to work.


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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    Which version (i.e. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2) of SQL Compare are you using?

    If it's one with the logging functionality in, you should be able to access the engine log from the 'icon menu' (the menu off the SQL Compare icon in the very top left of the window). If you set the logging to 'verbose', it should give you information about what object is causing it to fail and hopefully also a stack trace you can send us, which might help us work out what's gone wrong.

    If it's an earlier version without the built-in logging, it might still be possible to turn on logging in a more manual fashion - I can give you instructions for that if necessary.
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    tshadtshad Posts: 15 Bronze 2
    The version I am using is:

    Here is the logging results:

    09:20:39.666|Info |Logging |1 |Current Logging levels enabled: Verbose,Warning,Fatal,Debug,Information,Trace,Error
    09:21:09.900|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Register live database start: {0}UCLAExtensionECARSDEV
    09:21:10.087|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Live Start, popoptions: 264
    09:21:10.087|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Live Start, options: Default
    09:21:11.353|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate major version: {0}SqlServer2005
    09:21:11.415|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate got casing: False
    09:21:11.415|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Case Sensitive: False
    09:21:12.228|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate FulltextCatalogs start.
    09:21:12.806|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Fulltext Stoplists start.
    09:21:12.978|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Fulltext Stopwords start.
    09:21:13.150|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate ObjectNames start.
    09:21:14.181|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Users start.
    09:21:14.228|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Tables start.
    09:21:14.353|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Functions start.
    09:21:14.400|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Defaults start.
    09:21:14.650|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Rules start.
    09:21:14.681|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate UDTs start.
    09:21:14.728|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Table UDTs start.
    09:21:14.728|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Views start.
    09:21:14.993|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate View Cols start.
    09:21:15.103|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate Procs start.
    09:21:15.134|Info |SQL Compare Engine |6 |Populate ObjectText start.

    How would I get a stack trace?


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