Missing Dependencies

I have tried numerous ways to do this but never get the 'real' list of dependency, where using built in SSMS function seems to be more accurate? (Sql_expression_dependencies) I am trying to find all references to a large 'shared' db that has been hit by a view in almost every other DB we have. However the dependency tracker only shows 'external refs' from linked servers and then 2 core other DB's when I see the resulting dbs noted in expression deps to have 20+ refs noted. (and all valid too) So I'm either confused on how the 'resolve external refs' is intended to work or maybe I am missing a step? 

1. Right click the DB from SSMS, generate dependency diagram. 
2. From within the opened diagram click 'Resolve all external references'
3. View the objects in project and expect to see trees for all the objects from other DB's dependent on any object in the target db. 
Actually: only a subset of these are listed, but I cannot determine why? 


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