Cannot get ANY profiling information on ANY Core (5) app

Title says it all.

Neither a web app running in a console, nor in IIS Express nor even a simple hello work core app ever provides ANY profiling or memory data. Hugely disappointed as we JUST purchased licenses for this.

Some step by step instructions for using with dotnet core would be very helpful or at the very least trouble shooting steps!


  • Hi @SteveHoff

    ANTS Performance Profiler should work with .NET Core 5.

    What version of ANTS are you on? Please can you provide a screenshot of what you see after you start profiling - does the status the profiler shows in the bottom left corner say "connected".

    Please can you also provide your log files and check if there are any related errors in Event Viewer>Windows log>Application?

    If you'd like to send your logs via a support ticket you can do this here:
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    Victoria Wiseman | Redgate Software
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  • SteveHoffSteveHoff Posts: 3 New member
    Thanks for the reply! I am using version professional.

    I did not look there last time but currently all that happens is a console opens, no text displays in the console and in the bottom left of the profiler it just says "Waiting for client."

    As for the log files, are they logged directly to the Application Logs? If so I see nothing in the logs. What would be the "Source" to search for?

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