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How to ignore different datatyes

peter ehpeter eh Posts: 17 Bronze 2
We have a system with a live and an archive DB and I now need to track all changes made in the live DB in the archive DB. The problem is that a field named tst has the datatype timestamp in the live DB and the datatype binary(8) in the archive DB. This field exists in every table and SQL Compare now shows me all 600 tables as different, which means a lot of work for me, because I have to check all 600 tables manually if the different datatype is the only difference or if there are other differences.
I have already tried the following without success:
- Unmap the tst field in table mapping and uncheck the "Auto-map similar columns" in Options.
- Check the filter if it is possible to exclude table fields

Is there a way to solve this particular problem with SQL Compare?



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