Orphaned Images clean up ?

Hello Forums, I have some questions about clearing away old orphaned images.

When I look in my dashboard I can see I have 109 images.
In the IMAGES table in the SQLClone_CONFIG database there seem to be 192 images with no DELETEDON date and have a STATUS of 2.

So my first question is what are the correct values for the STATUS column ? I have 2, 4 and 6 as distinct values in my table and I'm guessing that 2 is active and 6 is deleted. What is 4 ? Failed ??

My second question is, with all these orphaned records in the table, are we simply able to update the STATUS and DELETEDON columns to successfully clear these down from the system (the actual image VHD files are long gone already and there are no clones attached to them). 
My aim here is to make sure the active images in the table match what we have in the dashboard.

My last question is how long does it take for the system to then update the usage in the licencing ? I want to make sure were not over budgeting on the licences for the number of images held.

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