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I have problem when i compare scripts with live database using SDK. As result of comparasion method compareWith returns over 700 differences. The same operation made directly in SQLCompare application returns 1 difference... . In both cases i use default options and exactly the same set of scripts and the same database. When i've run synchronization and compared old and new version of script file, that in theory should differ, i found no difference - the file was binary equal....

The second question is how to set more than one option for comparasion process ( method compareWith gets ONLY ONE )?




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    Thanks for your post.

    There shouldn't be any different between the SDK comparison and the UI comparsion, as they are using the very same engine.

    As I can't see your code I can't offer any suggestions on what you might need to change, but you might like to try using the example code we have for comparing a live database to a script folder. Can you try the example 'SynchronizeScripts' - which is part of the SQL Compare API sample application, and see if you get the same problem?

    With regards to the options, they are an enumeration and you can turn on additional options with OR, e.g.

    Options.Default | Options.CaseSensitiveObjectDefinition
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