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SQLCompare 14 just hangs as soon as I open it.

GrahGrah Posts: 2 New member
There is the menu at the top but I cannot interact with that. I cannot even press the close button top right. Every time I click anywhere on the interface I just get a windows default error sound/beep. I have to kill the task in Task Manager to get rid of it.
Running on Windows 10. Can't tell what specific version the product is because none of the menu items respond other than the beep. It is the latest SQLCompare 14 (downloaded this morning).

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    GrahGrah Posts: 2 New member
    Wouldn't you know? I solved it myself.
    I have a laptop with a big external monitor attached (hdmi). Just playing around I tried a different link to open the UI and when it opened on the laptop screen, everything worked as normal. I could use the menus, attach to databases and everything. For some reason this issue only occurs when the app tried to open on the external monitor. So problem solved for me and maybe anybody else who this happen to.
    Graham (happier!)
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