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Name mangling duplication within same namespace (case insensitive)

YSNYSN Posts: 1 New member

We uses SmartAssebly 6.9 for years, but unfortunately our build server dead and we had to reinstall software. After reinstallation of Windows and SmartAssembly we observed application crashes when opening a ReportViewer. The error is about duplication a resource name.

Details: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: '#zfi.#qji.resources'  Key being added: '#zfi.#qji.resources';

I decompiled assembly and see that two different Window Forms in the same namespace has the same naming, but different registry:

As you see Microsoft's assembly do a lowercase before adding a key into dictionary and this causes a problem.

How can I configure SmartAssebly to avoid this?

1.Changing a name mangling to unicode resolves an issue, but I cannot decrypt stack trace.
2. Excluding following Forms from obfuscation does not look like good solution, because it does not guarantee further duplications, and we didn't have any issues on previous setup.

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