Competition: What’s your favorite Redgate tool?



  • kishankishan Posts: 1 New member
    SQL Compare
  • Victor_SVictor_S Posts: 1 New member
    SQL Prompt, in use since many years ago!
  • TiborTibor Posts: 1 Bronze 1
    SQL Prompt is my favorite by far, it saves valuable time for our team every hour, both for DBAs and developers.
  • RGushueRGushue Posts: 3 Bronze 1
    SQL Prompt is my pick. I use SQL Prompt everywhere I use SQL Server. It gives me, at least, a 30% boost in development productivity. It helps dull the sharp edges of an unfamiliar system, and safeguards against things like running an update statement without a where clause.
  • JPSJPS Posts: 2 New member
    SQL Data Compare because it is invaluable, nay INCOMPARABLE, for data synchronization, integration and deployment
  • ZaeemZaeem Posts: 1 New member
    SQL Monitor- Holistic view of our hybrid Sql Server estate in a unified view. Its ability to add custom metric that is specific to our environment and supplemented by its API capability.
  • MillhouseDMillhouseD Cincinnati, Ohio, USAPosts: 3 Bronze 2
    SQL Prompt! I love it so much, I purchased my own "Personal" copy. I do not plan to work without it...Ever :nerd:
  • awrightawright Posts: 1 New member
    SQL Prompt!

    One of my biggest headaches was setting up stored proc calls - having the parameters auto generate with the press of a button is amazing.
  • vjacob1vjacob1 New YorkPosts: 45 Bronze 1
    SQL Prompt is my favorite as it is way better than the standard SQL Intellisense and way faster!!!!
    When I first started at my current position - I had pushed for this tool and it has saved me countless hours 
    Especially love the join suggestions.
  • SQL toolbet with all the bells and whistles.

    I don't have time to go through thousands of products to test, i just know redgate has it covered. Oh and definitely SQL Prompt FTW! Best tools!
  • JustifyJustify Posts: 17 New member
    SQL Search gets an honorable mention.
  • RoseannaRoseanna Cambridge Posts: 353 Rose Gold 3
    Thank you to everyone for your entries. We really enjoyed reading through them all and finding out your favorite Redgate tools! 

    I'm delighted to announce that the randomly chosen winner of the Pluralsight subscription and Redgate goodies is...@Steve_77777 >:O. Steve, I'll send you a DM to arrange delivery of your prize.

    Thanks again, folks. Look out for our next Redgate Forums competition coming soon :) 
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