Installing Redgate tool schema compare of Oracle SOA

Can we use the "SCO.exe" command line from a separate machine or network if we installed the Redgate tool "Schema Compare of Oracle" on a shared location? Is it possible to run many instances at the same time if the answer is yes?
How many licenses are required if we have more than one Developer? Is the Redgate tool license machine or login specific?


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    Ben_PBen_P Posts: 225 Silver 2
    Hi Zaidmd, thank you for your post.

    To use the command line you would need SCO.exe installed on that machine or any machine that you were going to run it on, whether physical or virtual. As for the Licenses you would need a License per user. So if you have 6 developers using this tool then you would need a License with 6 entitlements. Those entitlements are then log in specific.  
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