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SQL Agent jobs

mkraleymkraley Posts: 6
edited April 22, 2009 10:20AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Can SQL Compare (or some other tool in the RedGate arsenal) handle the scripts for SQL Agent scheduled jobs? I'd like to be able to update other copies of the database with the details of the SQL Agent tasks along with the database schema and/or contents.


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    SQL Compare will only sync things at the database level, whereas a SQL agent job is a server level object. We used to have this functionality in DTS Compare v1.x, which we had retired and replaced with DTS Package Compare which does not have the jobs and other things in it. Even with DTS Compare 1.x, though, you could not actually synchronize jobs, only compare them.

    But you may want to check out our Multi-script product. You can take the SQL Agent job and do a 'script as create' in SQL Server then, once you have the script, you can apply it to multiple servers using multi-script.

    If you want to create new jobs for different databases on the same server, you could script the sql agent job, and then just manually change the database name, frequency etc in the script and run it on the server.

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the reply - I was a little worried about that. I can certainly create a script and update it manually, but I was looking forward to having this be part of the same process.

    I hope you'll consider something in this area as a suggestion for future releases/products. I certainly think of SQL Agent tasks as just another part of the database schema. You gotta have it to make your solution work, and the tasks get updated just like any other part of the application, so they need to be compared, source controlled, and synchronized.
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