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Build Issue - No RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml file found in root folder...

ShaggyShaggy Posts: 16 Bronze 1
edited July 6, 2021 4:35PM in SQL Change Automation
NEVER MIND - We fixed it. - Subfolder path wasn't pointing to db/state.

We started receiving the following error message on one of our builds.  This is the 1st occurrence as we've been using SQL Change Automation for 3.5 years.  Is this happening for anyone else?  How was it resolved?  Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.

Error Msg: No 'RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml' file located at the root of the scripts folder 'E:\ADOAgent\_work\2058\s\db'. Some features, such as static data, may not work as expected.

Build Server = Azure DevOps
SCA Version# 4.3.20296.22733

Root Folder

db/state Folder

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