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SQL Search Suggestions

JustADBAJustADBA Posts: 1 New member
Is it possible to set SQL Search to wait until the user presses Enter before beginning its search?
Also, could we disable the auto-fill suggestions?


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    pbukowskipbukowski Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    I agree with the suggestion. Please consider adding a button that will start the search. It's painful to have to wait until the search has completed and then I have to put it in again what I want to search for.
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    EscEsc Posts: 3 Bronze 1
    I don't know why this issue is not reported more. It's a major annoyance, I have a fairly large database. When I open SQL Search and start typing in my search term it immediately fires off after couple of characters. I have to wait couple of minutes before it finishes and shows me some bogus results. Then I have to go to the pull-down menu and select Reindex, and then wait couple more minutes for the correct result. If I want to change object types and/or databases, it gets even more cumbersome.
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    b_lowb_low Posts: 2 New member
    I agree about the button to start the search. If I do one search during the day, then close SQL Search, then reopen it later, it starts searching for the thing I typed in hours ago. Then I have to wait for it to finish and type in what I want to search for. Sometimes it doesn't start the search for the new text. 
    I've also resorted to typing my search text in Notepad++, then copying and pasting that into SQL Search. If I don't do that it will start searching when I'm part way through typing.
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    rturbanirturbani Posts: 8 Bronze 2
    I'd like to add my support for this suggestion.  Their totally needs to be a search button.  I start typing and it starts searching and not only haven't I finished typing the search string, it assumes everything else (all the databases, all objects, etc.)  Drives me crazy.
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    Please feel free to add your suggestions to the SQL Search UserVoice forum:
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    Victoria Wiseman | Redgate Software
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    CharlotteCharlotte Posts: 1 New member
    I'd like to express my strong support for this suggestion. There is a definite need for a search button. Currently, when I begin typing a search query, it automatically starts searching without giving me the chance to complete my search string. This results in it searching through everything, including all databases and objects, which can be quite frustrating for me
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