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JustADBAJustADBA Posts: 1 New member
Is it possible to set SQL Search to wait until the user presses Enter before beginning its search?
Also, could we disable the auto-fill suggestions?


  • pbukowskipbukowski Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    I agree with the suggestion. Please consider adding a button that will start the search. It's painful to have to wait until the search has completed and then I have to put it in again what I want to search for.
  • EscEsc Posts: 2 Bronze 1
    I don't know why this issue is not reported more. It's a major annoyance, I have a fairly large database. When I open SQL Search and start typing in my search term it immediately fires off after couple of characters. I have to wait couple of minutes before it finishes and shows me some bogus results. Then I have to go to the pull-down menu and select Reindex, and then wait couple more minutes for the correct result. If I want to change object types and/or databases, it gets even more cumbersome.
  • b_lowb_low Posts: 2 New member
    I agree about the button to start the search. If I do one search during the day, then close SQL Search, then reopen it later, it starts searching for the thing I typed in hours ago. Then I have to wait for it to finish and type in what I want to search for. Sometimes it doesn't start the search for the new text. 
    I've also resorted to typing my search text in Notepad++, then copying and pasting that into SQL Search. If I don't do that it will start searching when I'm part way through typing.
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