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Collapsed formatting question

RTSJohnRTSJohn Posts: 7 Bronze 1
edited June 28, 2021 7:35PM in SQL Prompt
How can I get the below sample to collapse all the state entries to use the least number of lines yet still wordwrap?  All I'm able to get right now is one state per line no matter what I do with the formatting controls.
CREATE TABLE #States (STATE VARCHAR(3) NOT NULL); INSERT INTO #States(STATE) VALUES('AK'), ('AL'), ('AR'), ('AS'), ('AZ'), ('CA'), ('CO'), ('CT'), ('DC'), ('DE'), ('FL'), ('GA'), ('GU'), ('HI'), ('IA'), ('ID'), ('IL'), ('IN'), ('KS'), ('KY'), ('LA'), ('MA'), ('MD'), ('ME'), ('MI'), ('MN'), ('MO'), ('MP'), ('MS'), ('MT'), ('NC'), ('ND'), ('NE'), ('NH'), ('NJ'), ('NM'), ('NV'), ('NY'), ('OH'), ('OK'), ('OR'), ('PA'), ('PR'), ('RI'), ('SC'), ('SD'), ('TN'), ('TX'), ('UM'), ('UT'), ('VA'), ('VI'), ('VT'), ('WA'), ('WI'), ('WV'), ('WY');

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