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SQL Prompt, no server features are working

toddMtoddM Posts: 2 New member
I can't get any of the server explorer features to work.  Expanding wild cards, listing/auto-completing columns, table schema.  Autocomplete and auto-Upper-casing work but that's about it.  SQL search also doesn't work (at all, no results for any search or any kind).  I've tried maxing out the connection time out and limiting the load selections to just a single database and still, nothing works as I thought it might be a slow VPN connection but I'm still not getting anything.  
Version is  Thanks


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    Hi toddM

    To confirm are you only getting this issue over the VPN?
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    toddMtoddM Posts: 2 New member
    Hi ATurner,
    We're trying to figure that out right now.  I'm remote and no one in the office has SQL Prompt installed.  
    But there is a ticket open for this issue.  It seems to be a known issue and they (Redgate) are working on a solution.  Thanks for helping though.
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    DanielYDanielY Posts: 3 New member
    Everyone at my company is having the same issue, nothing is working over VPN anymore. I hope this issue gets resolved quickly as SQL Prompt saves us a lot of time everyday and we are working remotely more often than not.
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