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How do I exclude queries with SQL Process

GaryJGaryJ Posts: 2 New member
I want to exclude the process - Spotlight Diagnostic Server XEventsReader (Monitoring)
If a regex is required, do you have an example I may use or create the exclusion code for me?


Best Answer

  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,127 Diamond 4
    Hi @GaryJ,

    Where are you looking to exclude these queries? 

    You can't exclude specific queries from e.g. the Top X queries section or the SQL Users processes section on the Server Overview.

    The alert configurations for e.g. Long-running queries has a box to add regular expressions to exclude by SQL Process name and it depends on the specific name shown in the long running query - if it is as you wrote "Spotlight Diagnostic Server XEventsReader (Monitoring)" exactly then a regex would be "Spotlight Diagnostic Server XEventsReader \(Monitoring\)" (though there are other regex can match it):

    If you mean in a different place you are looking to have them excluded please let me know!

    Kind regards,

    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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