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WMI Access is Denied

We are setting up a non-admin account to make WMI queries through SQL Monitor.  I have followed the WMI guide, and verified that the user has Remote Launch and Activation under the Launch and Activation Permissions Edit Limits of the dcomcnfg on the remote server.  The user has Enable Account, Remote Enable, and Read Security permissions under the Root, Cimv2, and MSCluster namespaces under WMI Control of the target servers.  From the RedGate servers, I am able to connect with said user to those namespaces, and make queries via the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester, and your Testing WMI Connections Powershell script says the user can do authorised WinRM and DCOM.  However, when we attempt it in SQL Monitor, we get the attached error.  Any ideas?


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