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SQL Change Automation: Build and synonyms


following the creation of a synonym in our database (3-parts reference to another DB on the same server), our SQL Change Automation: Build pipeline is now failing with this error:
##[error]1051 batches failed. The first error is 'Synonym '***' refers to an invalid object.'

This is the build definition in Azure DevOps (no deployment, the build is only there as a check), we are actually building a SQL Source Control project with it, which has been working fine until now:

Are there any tips on how to deal with synonyms when building SSC/SCA projects?

I found this old discussion on the same topic, that did not get any answer back then: Synonyms problems WARNING: The error 'Synonym 'sys_test' refers to an invalid object.' ... — Redgate forums (red-gate.com)

Thanks and regards,


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    Hi @Awen ,

    I definitely recommend changing the operation to "Build a SQL Source Control project", if that's what you're actually doing.

    The build task for SQL Change Automation projects has a check to validate three part names. That can be disabled by making changes in the SQL Change Automation project configuration file -- but you can't do things like that for SQL Source Control as it doesn't even have that file.

    Hope this helps,
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    AwenAwen Posts: 5 New member
    Hello @Kendra_Little,

    does it means there is no way of solving that issue with a SSC project? I already had a look at migrating to a SCA project, but that's not such an easy change and definitely something that can be done in a few days.

    I changed the build definition, but (as expected) the error is still there.

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    How would one go about disabling the validation in the SCA project?  I am in the same situation but we are using SQL LocalDB on a self-hosted Agent.  I have a synonym that points to another database that ultimately will be on the same server as the database being released.  Thanks.
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