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Is there a better way to set settings for multiple jobs

BjoernBBjoernB Posts: 2 New member
I am setting up a couple new job duration unusual detection alerts via.

Configuration -> Alerts Settings

Then I expand the groups I configured like

Production -> ProductXY -> FunnySQLServer01 -> (local) -> Jobs 

For ProductXY we "only" configured 50 sql server jobs and to put on every single job a custom long running detection value is not very comfortable.

I've got Jobs wich are running like 10 minutes and I do not want to put in a global max runtime for 200% because there are Jobs running for 5 hours. Every Job needs his own detection value.

So, now I must do the following steps

  • Expand the left navigation
  • Scroll thru the list to the next job
  • click the job
  • Scroll to the beginning of the page
  • press job duration
  • Make the configuration and apply them
  • Do it all again (Expand, scroll, click, scroll, edit, apply)
This is just for ProductXY in the production system.

I do got Servers with like 100 Jobs.

Any suggestions?

Or it is possible to fix the UI so I can scroll independent between the jobs and the settings?


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