Project Configuration

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For one project we have a "master" database that stores common objects that are periodically synced to 5 separate application databases. The idea is that these common objects should always be in sync between the "master" database and all 5 application databases. However, the 5 application databases have other, custom objects (different in every database) that do not exist in the "master" database. It's fine for these custom objects to exist and they should never be dropped.

The challenge I face is that when I sync the "master" database to these application databases, it naturally wants to drop all of the custom objects because they do not exist in the "master" database. It's simple enough to uncheck the option to drop objects after the comparison is complete, but its a dangerous situation because if I forget to uncheck that option, generate and run the sync script, all of the custom objects would be dropped.

Finally - the question! Is there a way to configure my project to address this? Like a configuration that says "Ignore objects that exist in the destination (i.e. my custom databases) but don't exist in the source (i.e. my "master" database)."

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