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Add SQL Server > Test > Unable to connect to instance

PALPAL Posts: 1 New member
Hi guys, good day!
I'm trying to add SQL Server into SQL Monitor. When I click Test, able to connect to host (sometimes failed) but error connecting to the instances.

Q1) why connection to host will fail sometimes? (I did the same Test few times). Error whenever it fails as below:

Q2) why able to connect to host but the connection to instances failed and how to overcome this problem? (sql browser is running, port 1433 & 1434 opened)

Pleaseee help me. Thanks in advance.


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    Hi PAL

    The connection errors to the instance look to be related to the SQL browser service not running on the instance you are looking to monitor. Should also check that the ports are specified in the edit configuration if the browser service is running. 
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