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How do I open & edit Masking set that says 'Open failed. One or more rules have duplicated numbers'?

While adding rules on a Masking Set I got error messages so I aborted but saved before closing. Now when I try to reopen it I get an error message 'The open of the Masking Set failed. One or more rules have duplicated numbers. Please see the logs'.
On the logs I see 'DMSRuleBindingListCheckForDuplicateRuleNumbers: There are 3 rules with a rule number of 0012'.
So I would like to remove 2 of these 3 copies of rule0012 but I´m unable to even open the Masking Set.

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    Thank you for your post @MariaO
    Sorry to hear you've had some issues with this!
    As it is ultimately just XML, if you open the DMSMaskSet file in Notepad++, VSCode or another Text editor, you should be able to manually change these numbers to something else, at least just so you can then get the set open and work from within Data Masker itself.
    Let me know if this helps!
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    MariaOMariaO Posts: 2 New member
    I opened it with Notepad++ and it worked! Thanks @PlantBasedSQL
    In case someone doesn´t get the courage of editing the XML I saw that windows also allowed me to recover an earlier version of the file before it got corrupted. 
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