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Script folder comparison doesn't work for non-dbo schema

dschaeffdschaeff Posts: 12
edited April 16, 2009 11:40AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Tables and stored procedures in a non-dbo schema are not being categorized as either different or identical when comparing a script folder to a database. Instead they show as both existing only in the script folder and existing only in the database.


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    Have you got schema objects corresponding to the non-dbo schemas in the script folder? SQL Compare can only match up schemas if there is also a corresponding schema object. You can also check the schema mappings are ok (Edit Project -> Mapping tab)

    Simon C
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    Thanks Simon for your reply. After scripting the schema into a file into my scripts folder SQL Compare worked like a charm. This allows me to determine what source code as maintained in our source control system (Team Systems) is out of whack with our database. The answer is an alarming amount. Now to reconcile these differences...
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