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Multi-module assembly are not supported in SmarAssembly

moimoi Posts: 2 Bronze 1
edited June 4, 2021 2:29PM in SmartAssembly
I have paid subscription for tech support. Back in May 2020 I created a ticket about "Multi-module assembly are not supported in SmarAssembly". The ticket was quickly dismissed without any work on it. In  March 2021 I created a new ticket - dismissed again.  Created a new ticket in April and RedGate staff finally asked for some details. They asked me for sample code to reproduce the issue and offered to sign a NDA so I can send my code. After 2 weeks waiting they finally sent me a NDA ... which should be signed by me. The way how the NDA is written sounds like I have to hire a lawyer in order to make sure I will not sign something that will put me in trouble. Why I need to sign NDA ? To get tech support ???? My assembly is not multi-module assembly. This is obviously a bug in SmartAssembly.  My ticket is 1 year old, no support was provided. I am not able to release new versions and bug fixes and this is seriously hurting my product. As far as I can tell the  issue is known at least since 2015 (https://forum.red-gate.com/discussion/78807/build-error-multi-mode-assemblies ) . I requested to ticket to be escalated and the tech support stopped responding.

Since RedGate support is non existent. Can somebody share a solution for the issue above ?

Also, how do you deal with RedGate staff when they refuse to provide support. .
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