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Different Grant Permissions in each environment is causing conflicts .. how to fix or work around?

salexandersalexander Posts: 2 New member
We use different SQL Users in our various environments, so when for example create a stored procedure in our lowest Dev region and grant the appropriate permissions the code for the procedure saves these permissions.  I like this, but problem is the Dev user will not be applicable to any other region.  So it would have this at the end:

-- Permissions

GRANT EXECUTE ON  [dbo].[uspSystemImportLog] TO [MyDomain\DevWebApp1]

Problem is [MyDomain\DevWebApp1] would only be applicable in Dev yet this is what gets saved to the Git repo. How can I either exclude permissions or set permissions so it's more like a variable so as I push it through the environments it sets to something that is applicable?  Maybe @WebAppUser@ in source control and this is replaced dynamically as it moves up through Dev Test, Staging, and Prod...  As it stands now Git will have the Dev users and always show a conflict with all the other environments.  Thanks.


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