Compare all but one table with Command line

Hi, we are using an automated data comparison via Command line between Source Control and target database. We now add a table that we want to store in Source Control but we don't want the data to be synchronized.
So I added the switch "/Exclude:table:[ef].[QueryHints]" to the argument list. After that we got the problem that Data Compare didn't synchronized any of the tables. When I deactived the exclude switch the programms synchronized all tables again.
How can I exclude only this single table with command line?

This is the complete argument list:
 , "/server2:$MyServerInstance "
 , "/database2:$MyDatabase"
 , "/scriptfile:$releaseRolloutPathDataCompare$MyDatabase.sql"          
 , "/include:table,view,schema,storedprocedure,function,userdefinedtype"   
 , "/Synchronize"                                                               
 , "/Include:Identical"                                                     
 , "/Exclude:table:[ef].[QueryHints]"
 , "/Options:Default"



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