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Trying to run SQBConverter.exe within SQL Server Agent and having a trouble

justindohjustindoh Posts: 9 New member
I have been trying to find a solution for last two weeks, and I have no progress.
I posted my question on Stackoverflow this morning, but have not gotten any response yet.

Here is a link for my question. Or please use bottom URL:

Basically, I am not sure if anyone using SQBConverter.exe with SQL Server Agent is having an issue like myself.
I am trying to trigger/run SQBConverter within SQL Server Agent, and it would not somehow run.
SQL Server Agent runs all rest of Python script without any issue, but it stops/skips part where it triggers SQBConverter.exe.

I am not sure whether there should be something extra needs to be configured/done for SQBConverter.exe to be run within SQL Server Agent.

Please let me know.



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