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Failed to create a new project with SmartAssembly 8

ndiazndiaz Posts: 5 New member
edited May 12, 2021 1:02PM in SmartAssembly
I've just downloaded and installed SmartAssmbly 8 to check if it's fully compatible with all the projects we're currently obfuscating using SmartAssembly 7, and I'm a bit lost with this error I'm getting when I try to create a new project for one of our assemblies:

This is an assembly built for target Net Standard 1.0, but I get the same error with a different assembly targeting Net Standard 2.0.

Current SmartAssembly version is In the same server and using version 7 there is no error and I can continue buiding the project.

Is there any log where I can get more detailed information about the error or its cause? Is this a known issue in SmartAssembly 8?



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