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Crash with linked servers using the current login context

mattbenhammattbenham Posts: 9 New member
We are experiencing a SQL prompt crash with linked servers that are correctly configured to use Kerberos double-hop to authenticate using the current login context.  When typing a reference to a view, the Redgate object suggestions picker attempts to display a preview of the view script, but it then it immediately crashes.  It does not crash when tables or SPs are selected in the object picker, or when the linked server has a login context manually entered in the configuration.

To replicate, create a linked server between instances where Kerberos double-hop is configured.  Ensure that connections be made using the login's current security context.  Browse to the linked server in SSMS and confirm that under the catalogs, it shows you the list of accessible DBs.  Now type a query:

SELECT * FROM [Linked Server].[DB].[Schema].[ViewName]

You should get a crash at the point that the object picker highlights a view and tries to preview it.

I have also submitted a crash report from the application.  This is with SQL Prompt and SSMS 18.9.1


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