Invoke-DatabaseBuild cmdlet freezing

I am trying to build a database from the scripts on an empty database for a CI environment and also create a verbose log to capture any errors and fail the job if the build fails.
I'm trying to use the Invoke-DatabaseBuild cmdlet and have been testing a script from PS, but for some reason it's doing nothing. Here is my shell:
PS C:\Users\byunger> Invoke-DatabaseBuild "C:\Users\byunger\.jenkins\workspace\SQL_BUILD\Database (backend)" -SQLCompareOptions "NoTransactions" 
-TemporaryDatabaseServer 'Data Source=AWS-JENKINS' -TemporaryDatabase 'Data Source=AWS-JENKINS;Initial Catalog=TestBuild'  -Verbose

Invoke-DatabaseBuild, SQL Change Automation 4.3.21041.24117, Copyright © Red Gate Software Ltd 2014-2021
Validating SQL Source Control project 'C:\Users\byunger\.jenkins\workspace\SQL_BUILD\Database (backend)'.

It stays in this running position forever without doing anything. Any help is appreciated!


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